Band of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) maintains a world-famous tradition dating back to 1660, and yet every man on parade is first and foremost a fighting soldier, fully trained and operational.

With a proud tradition of over three centuries service as a bodyguard to the Sovereign, and made up of the British Army’s two most senior regiments, HCMR sits at the very heart of the cultural and military heritage of Britain. The Regiment’s rich history stretches back to 1660 from descendants of King Charles II’s Life Guards and the Earl of Oxford’s ‘Blues’. Since then it has forged a tradition, ethos and reputation for excellence and professionalism, whether on State Ceremonial duties, or providing support on military operations.

Every Household Cavalry soldier is first and foremost a fighting soldier and, uniquely in the British Army, the Household Cavalry use their qualities to excellent effect by combining their role in armoured fighting vehicles with the mounted State Ceremonial role. It is this flexibility that has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the combat operations of today, whilst still maintaining the highest standards and strong traditions of the past.

Both soldiers and officers at HCMR are tough and resourceful, proud of their Regiment’s history, and ready to rise to the challenges that modern warfare poses. Above all, service at HCMR also helps to develop the highly competent reconnaissance soldiers who have fought in Afghanistan and more recently conducted exercises in the UK and abroad.