City of London Corporation - Cleansing

The importance of recycling and not littering are the key messages on our float. Contrary to popular belief, the City of London does actually have residents (approx. 7,000) to whom we provide a comprehensive recycling service – paper, cardboard, cans, tins, plastic bottles and tubs, cartons and glass bottles can all be recycled at home. We also offer lightbulb, battery, textile and food recycling.

One of the other key messages for this year is the Square Mile Coffee Cup challenge we ran in April 2017 which aimed to raise awareness of the challenge coffee cups present as both a recycling and littering issue – they are not normally recyclable through “regular” recycling services.

However, the City of London Corporation partnered with Hubbub and Simply Cups to collect these cups from the streets and businesses with a target to collect and recycle 500,000 coffee cups in one month. This challenge was met and exceeded with 509,091 cups collected.

Many businesses and transport hubs have continued to participate in the scheme and coffee cups can also be recycled in the City Corporation’s Street Sweeper barrows (which are included as part of our float).

Also, our other key message is that littering is an offence; drop litter – including cigarette butts andsmoking related litter in the City and you will have to pay an £80 fine.

In addition to running recycling and littering campaigns, the City Corporation’s Recycling Team encourages businesses to recycle and manage waste more effectively through the unique Clean City Awards Scheme and to help improve the streets and littering around business premises via theClean Streets Partnership.

Our float this year will be exciting, fun and colourful – it’ll also be loud! BinBot is back and so too are the Pandemonium Drummers. BinBot is a robot made from 33 wheelie bins and stands at an imposing 4m high. The Pandemonium Drummers, formed at the London 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony will be drumming buckets and bins whilst dressed as road sweepers to help make a noise about recycling and littering in the City of London.

We are also working in partnership with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD) and theircostume students have made a stunning dress of plastic bottles, VHS videos, plastic bags and more to show how waste can be used as a resource. Other outfits include paper costumes and fun mascots such as a plastic bottle, drink can and cigarette butt parading through the streets promoting the recycling and littering messages, waving to bystanders as they go.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their involvement in helping to bring our float together – EEA, GSMD, the PD’s, Derek Moore and Co, ERP and our colleagues for their support and involvement too!