2012 Route map

If you’d like to have the route, timetable and all the main landmarks (and lavatories) tucked in your back pocket, download our handy map print it out and bring it along.

The map includes useful times and places, every rail and tube station, all the public toilets within walking distance of the route, and any subways that will let you cross the processional route. It's designed to fit snugly on a single page of A4.

This year we also have a new iphone and android app, much improved over the experimental version last year. It includes live mapping services that will show you where you are, where to go, how to find first aid, toilets and tube stations and where the procession is at that moment. It will even tell you which float is in front of you. The app is free, and will be released in mid October.

Other useful maps

Transport for London provide a clever interactive map page and journey planner as well as printable bus, tube and road maps. You can get a detailed map of the area from streetmap or multimap, and the government's route finder and transport information service works surprisingly well and will give you directions all the way from home to the tube station of your choice.

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