Pioneering the emotional wellbeing of children in schools is at the heart of the partnership between Knightsbridge School, Place2Be.

Knightsbridge School is an independent, co-educational prep school for children aged 3-13. It is known for its focus on developing children into confident, happy, and fulfilled all-rounders, an ethos that is reflected in the school’s KS Code. Place2Be is the leading national children’s mental health charity and works in over 235 schools to improve the confidence and emotional wellbeing of children.

Knightsbridge School was the first independent day school to implement Place2Be onsite. A powerful initiative in support of wellbeing, pupils have access to on-site child counsellors, a designated safe space for children to speak about any issues they face, and workshops and talks on mental health for students and parents. Children can opt to go visit Place2Be themselves, their parents can enquire about sessions, or a child might be referred to Place2Be via the school’s safeguarding team.

Since Knightsbridge School pioneered the initiative, many other independent schools have followed suit, alongside the wealth of state schools already benefiting from Place2Be’s amazing work.

William Russell, the future Lord Mayor of the City of London and previous Chairman of Knightsbridge School has chosen Place2Be as one of his key charities, making Knightsbridge School and Place2Be the perfect partners to walk side by side in the upcoming Lord Mayor’s Show.