Traffic management

The Lord Mayor's Show shuts down the City of London for most of the day. There is no road access at all, either in or out. We regret the inconvenience but it is unavoidable. Please avoid scheduling works on the day of the Show (which this year is Saturday November 14th).

Road Closures

The details of road closures on the day of the Lord Mayor's Show are not confirmed until the week before, but they remain broadly the same from year to year. The area affected runs from Kingsway to Bishopsgate and Holborn to the river. Roads in the City reopen between 3 and 4pm, but the area around Victoria Embankment, Blackfriars and Waterloo bridge remains closed until around 6pm for the fireworks.


Visitors’ parking spaces in the City are all closed on the day of the Show because you can’t drive into or out of the area. In order to save people from being trapped in the City, the suspensions actually take effect at 12 noon on Friday. Pay and display tickets bought before 12 will be allowed to run but on the Friday afternoon no new parking is allowed.

Most residents’ parking is unaffected, but there are some bays closed around Fann Street, Golden Lane and High Timber Street: please look out for notices of future suspension when parking. Those areas are used to assemble the parade and stray cars are likely to be removed.

Bus Routes

The short answer is that every bus stop between Trafalgar Square and Liverpool Street is closed. I’m sorry to say that if your bus travels through that area then it will either turn back or be diverted around it. This means timetable changes and sometimes delays to services outside the City. We have prepared an overview of affected routes.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

The situation is much easier if you're on foot or on a bike, especially given the absence of traffic, but there are some things to be aware of:

  • There will be no buses in the closed area. Tubes will run as normal, but stations near the processional route will be busy.
  • You can’t cross the processional route once it has been set up: it is lined with police and barrier-jumping makes them very unhappy. You can use the station underpasses at Bank, City Thameslink and Mansion House to cross the route. They are all marked on our map.
  • Leave plenty of time: after about 10am the pavements around the route will fill up quickly, especially around Bank, Mansion House and St Pauls. It can take a long time to get down Cheapside, but you will find that back roads and cut-throughs are fairly clear.
  • Don’t leave your bike chained to a lamp post on London Wall or - to be on the safe side - anywhere else on or near the processional route. It is likely to be removed on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Postcodes affected

The ‘secure area’, in which the roads will be closed, corresponds roughly to the whole of postcodes EC2 and EC4. It also takes in a bit of WC2 - east of but not including Kingsway, the eastern side of Aldwych and Lancaster Place - that covers WC2R, WC2A and a bit of WC2B.

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