Where to go

In the morning the Lord Mayor's Procession goes from Mansion House to the Royal Courts via St Pauls. In the early afternoon it comes back via the Embankment and Victoria Street. The procession is much longer than the route, so for most of that time the streets are completely full and you can watch from anywhere on the route. The best places to go will depend on how much you like a crowd and what else you would like to do on the day. Here are a few suggestions:

For the full Lord Mayor's Show experience

Watch the outward procession from 11 to 12 in the area between Bank and St Pauls.

The outward journey squeezes down relatively narrow City streets past very lively crowds. It is broadcast live by the BBC from the Bank / Mansion House area and passes the grandstands at St Pauls before heading down Ludgate Hill to Fleet Street. All of those places are busy and crowded and for the full-strength Show that's definitely the place to be.

To get there: Bank and St Pauls stations would be ideal but they are very busy all morning. If you don't mind a short walk, it's better to get off at Mansion House, Cannon Street or Blackfriars.

For the quiet, spacious version

Watch the return procession between 1.15 and 2.30 in the Embankment area.

When the procession heads back towards Mansion House things will get busy again, but the stretch from Temple to Blackfriars is much quieter and the roads and pavements are wider. It's easy to get around and there will be room for wheelchairs, luggage, folding chairs and families.

To get there: Temple or Blackfriars tube stations are very close, or you can walk across Millennium or Blackfriars bridges (closed to traffic). If the river bus works for you then the Blackfriars stop is perfectly placed.

To make a day of it

Watch the outward procession, visit both Show Zones and see the Lord Mayor return to Mansion House.

You can get properly livened up by watching the out in the St Pauls area then head through St Paul's Churchyard to the Paternoster Festival Zone, where you'll find a variety of strange and wonderful acts, a funfair and a wide variety of street food vendors keen to sell you lunch. From there it's a short walk to catch the return leg of the procession up Victoria Street. 

The pomp and pageantry peaks when the Lord Mayor returns to Mansion House at about 2.30, with much presenting of arms and saluting of guards, then it's all over and you are perfectly placed to visit the art installations and musical performances of the Bloomberg Festival Zone. The truly hardy can then walk over the river to the South Bank and find lots more to do.

To get there: Bank, St Pauls or Mansion House.

To head into the West End afterwards

Watch the outward procession on Fleet Street between 11.30 and 12.30.

From here it's an easy walk across to Kingsway, Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Watch out for congestion on the south side of Fleet Street; the whole procession will be having lunch in the side streets around Temple and it can take a long time to get through.

To get there: Temple or Chancery Lane tube stations, or you can even get a bus to Aldwych.