Bridge Illuminations

To commemorate this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show and to honour the Lord Mayor, the City Corporation are working with lighting designers Speirs & Major to implement a special lighting effect on London Bridge, Cannon Rail Bridge and Southwark Bridge after this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show .

This new & innovative way to commemorate the Show & to enjoy the City’s riverside in the evening will aim to use three of the bridges currently lit by the Illuminated River’s lighting system to bring a unique look & feel to those bridges for one night only.

The alternative dynamic lighting display, specially designed for the Show, will replace the Illuminated River’s year-round lighting with a programme that reflects the dynamic and ever changing nature of the City. The cultural showcase supports the Lord Mayor’s theme of a Global UK, Trade, Innovation and Culture. It will also recognise the Lord Mayor’s appeal ‘A Better City for All’ and its four pillars of Power of Inclusion, This is Me, She Can Be and City Giving Day.

The display will begin after the Parade, fading up from 5pm as night falls, and will remain on until 9pm.