The Lord Mayor's Show

The Lord Mayor's Show

Welcome! The Lord Mayor's Show is an ancient statement of the indomitable spirit of London and a modern celebration of her vigour and diversity. 

The Show dates back to the early 13th century, when a desperate King John allowed the City of London to appoint its own Mayor. The King insisted that each newly-elected Mayor should come to Westminster and swear loyalty to the Crown, and the Mayor of London has been making that journey for over 800 years. Around him (and her) grew up the noisy, colourful, joyous procession that over the centuries became known as the Lord Mayor's Show. 

The Lord Mayor

The 694th Lord Mayor of London is Alderman Nicholas Lyons of the Tower Ward. His successor will be elected in the autumn of 2023.


The processional order will be published at the end of September, shortly after the election of the new Lord Mayor.


The Lord Mayor's Show programme is available on Show  day from our Scout and Guide volunteers, or can be pre-ordered from September onwards. Click through to find out more about its excellent early-bird advertising opportunities...

Roads closed

Details vary slightly from year to year but essentially the whole City area is closed for most of the day of the Show, admitting no traffic at all. Buses are diverted while the Show is on and parking spaces suspended from the Friday afternoon. Roads will reopen as early as possible; most likely around 4pm.

Getting here

Sorry: cars and buses are no help on Show day. Tubes, boats and bicycles are much better, the new Elizabeth Line station at Farringdon is ideally placed and there are many nice ways to walk into the City when it is free of traffic.

Where to go

Some suggestions for different ways to watch the Show depending on how much you like a crowd and what else you might like to do that day.


Please click through for advice, suggestions and access-pass forms that we hope will be helpful to disabled visitors to the Show.

Safety and Security

We work closely with the City Police and emergency services to keep everyone at the Show safe.