Buses diverted

Road closures are fairly consistent from year to year, so we can give you an idea of their effects on bus timetables. The full details will be issued by TfL as the Show approaches and we will update this page as information becomes available.

Click for a pdf version of the mapThis is not official or complete, nor even very up to date: it's something we've pieced together over the years and should only be considered a rough guide to not getting around the City on the day of the Show.


Every single bus that goes through the City of London will either find another route or turn back. That means disruption not only to individual journeys but also to the overall timetable. It's a mess, frankly, and we apologise for the inconvenience it will cause.

Traffic around the edge of the closed area is likely to be busy as people try to find their way round the City, but the perimeter is well supplied with tube stations. If you normally use the buses to get into town, your best course is probably to get on a tube line at the first opportunity. During the Show the City end of the central line will also be very busy but the Circle and District lines usually remain at normal Saturday levels.


Most roads are closed from the early morning until about 4pm. Bus services may take some time after that to get back to normal.