In recent years we have been able to reduce slightly the area affected by the Lord Mayor’s Show, but it still covers a large part of the City of London for most of the day.


Most roads in the City of London will be completely closed on the day of the Lord Mayor’s Show, admitting no traffic whatsoever. The closed area extends from Kingsway in the East to Bishopsgate in the west, and from the river up to Holborn and Chapterhouse Street. All those roads are open; everything between them is closed.

The closed area is slightly smaller than it has been in the past but for through traffic the effect is much the same: rather than going through the City you will be sent round via Old Street or across the river. Most roads will reopen between 3 and 4pm.

There may also be traffic restrictions on roads in the region extending north to Old Street and Clerkenwell Road, and you can expect heavier than usual traffic in the surrounding area as cars are rerouted.

For more detail, please see our summary PDF, or you can download the City’s official boundary map (6MB). All these maps are correct for 2019 and there may be detail changes in the build-up to this year's Show. If you have any particular concerns please watch this page or follow the Show on twitter for updates.


London Bridge is open as normal. Southwark Bridge is open but on the north side you can only get to Upper Thames St and Bishopsgate. Blackfriars bridge goes nowhere so it is closed all day.


Buses will be diverted around the City, or turn back at the edge of the closed area. Please see our buses page for a summary.


All visitors’ parking bays in the City of London, and a very few residents bays, are suspended from Friday afternoon.

Special cases

Sorry. There are no special cases. The secure area is heavily policed and there is a lot of heavy equipment moving around. There is no way in or out of the secure area after 7am, even if you could get past the mounted regiment, giatn inflatable pig and horde of fierce Kazakh warriors that are between you and the perimeter.