77151 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps

151 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps is London’s only logistic unit. Based from Reserve Centres across greater London & SE of England. Recruiting from across London’s diverse communities, its deployable role is sustaining ‘The Iron Division’ - 3rd (UK) Division, the British Army’s high-readiness armoured war-fighting formation. 151 Regiment can proudly trace its origins and affiliations within the City of London back to 1801 and the formation of the Royal Wagon Train in Croydon. This year’s display is inspired by the RLC’s 25th birthday message: ‘Centuries old, Decades new’. 151 Regiment has arranged representation of British Army logistic support vehicles both old and new. The sequence of the RLC vehicle contribution is a 47 Tonne Tank Transporter, Monty’s Rolls Royce and a 1952 Bedford Fuel Tanker.