87Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London

Freemasonry is over 300 years old. Records don’t show the exact amount donated to charities in that time but well over £100 Million Pounds has been donated from freemason’s own pockets.
Our voluntary support for London’s community can be anything from serving tea in Care homes to repairing halls for the Sea Cadets.
The outstanding funding given by London freemasons to successive appeals for things like a state of the art Cyberknife for Bart’s Hospital, 5 Rapid Responder cars for London’s Ambulance Service, Plasma knives to treat cervical cancer. A recent 2 Million pounds donation went towards the purchase of London’s badly needed second Air Ambulance, all these things helping to make London a safer place to live and work.
We are delighted to announce our latest charity appeal supporting London’s Community. We aim to raise £2.5 Million Pounds to purchase two Super-Arial rescue platforms for London Fire Brigade.  These will be the highest in Europe and will help better equip the busiest fire and rescue service in the country.

​Visit www.londonmasons.org.uk