Variety, the Children’s Charity

Variety the Children’s Charity has been providing desperately needed equipment for sick, disadvantaged and disabled children for over 65 years. Last year alone we delivered 63 of our trademark Sunshine Coaches to schools around the UK – allowing children access to the community. You'll see one of them in the parade today!

We also delivered 70 highly bespoke wheelchairs and awarded 182 grants to children with specific needs. In 2016 we took over 30,000 disadvantaged children on a Variety ‘Great Day out’ so they can relax a little - just being a child for the day.

We’re really proud of our work, but our list of applications is never exhausted.

Everyone knows a family struggling in some way or another with disability or sickness, often finding it difficult to pay the bills as a result.

To support our work and find out more visit: https://www.variety.org.uk/ or follow us @VarietyGB

Variety's entry in the parade is led by Babette Langford’s dance group, The Youngset. The dance school has a long association with the charity and these talented performers will really add some pizzazz to the parade.