Where to go

Practicalities Where to go

In the morning the Lord Mayor's Procession goes from Mansion House to the Royal Courts via St Pauls. In the early afternoon it comes back via the Embankment and Victoria Street. 

The procession is much longer than the route, so there is always something going on wherever you stand. The best places to go will depend on how much you like a crowd and what else you would like to do on the day. Here are a few suggestions:

For the full Lord Mayor's Show experience

Watch the outward procession from 11 to 12 in the area between Bank and St Pauls.

The outward journey squeezes down relatively narrow City streets past very lively crowds. It is broadcast live by the BBC from the Bank / Mansion House area. Usually there are grandstands at St Pauls before the procession heads down Ludgate Hill to Fleet Street, but this year that space is wide open. All of those places are busy and crowded and for the full-strength Show this is definitely the place to be.

To get there: Bank and St Pauls stations would be ideal but they are very busy all morning. If you don't mind a short walk, it's better to get off at Mansion House, Cannon Street or Blackfriars.

Afterwards you are ideally placed for the Museum of London, the Barbican  Centre, St Paul's, The Tower of London and the City's many other attractions.

For the quiet, spacious version

Watch the return procession between 1.15 and 2.30 in the Embankment area.

When the procession heads back towards Mansion House things will get busy again, but the stretch from Temple to Blackfriars is much quieter and the roads and pavements are wider. It's easy to get around and there will be room for wheelchairs, luggage, folding chairs and families.

To get there: Temple or Blackfriars tube stations are very close, or you can walk across Millennium or Blackfriars bridges (closed to traffic). If the river bus works for you then the Blackfriars stop is perfectly placed.

Afterwards you will be right by the river, with an easy walk up to St Pauls and One New Change.

To make a day of it

Watch the outward procession, get some lunch and see the Lord Mayor return to Mansion House.

The pomp and pageantry peaks when the Lord Mayor returns to Mansion House at about 2.30, with much presenting of arms and saluting of guards, then it's all over.

To get there: Bank, St Pauls or Mansion House.

Afterwards: at 3pm the City of London Guides will be leading free guided walks from No1 Poultry, which is right opposite Mansion House, and once again you are perfectly placed for attractions like the Museum of London and Barbican Centre.