Access To The Lord Mayor’s Show

Practicalities Access To The Lord Mayor’s Show

The Lord Mayor's Show is naturally accessible and enjoyable by everyone but it can be very busy, and of course you will not be able to drive into the area.

The busiest parts of the route are around St Paul's and Mansion House. If you're at all concerned about the crowds or might be a bit unsteady on your feet, please avoid those areas.

In quieter places like Fleet Street, Victoria Embankment and Queen Victoria Street the crowd should be much more manageable and you should be able to use folding chairs. There is also less of a crush during the return leg of the procession, so for wheelchair users the best option may be to head for Victoria Embankment at about 1pm.

If you decide to watch the first leg of the procession and you want to be at the front of the crowd, try to get there by about 10. Front row positions are bagged quite early on.

Blue badge holders

Blue Badge Holders can watch the outward leg of the Show from a reserved area at the junction of Ludgate Street and Old Bailey, just after St Paul's. There is also a limited amount of parking available in the Old Bailey. Please download the application form below and follow its instructions. The deadline for applications is Friday 27 October.

Blue badge holders: D Pass application form

Visitors are advised to bring umbrellas and waterproof clothing. No seating is provided but folding chairs can be brought.


Space is set aside on Queen Victoria Street for coaches bringing elderly or disabled people to watch the procession as it returns to Mansion House. Please download the application form below and follow its instructions. The deadline for applications is Friday 27 October.

Coach parking: Q Pass application form

If you have any questions about either form, please write to Larry Costa at the City of London.

Public Toilets

Accessible WC's are provided at various locations around the parade route including Blackfriars Bridge, Old Bailey, New Change and on Queen Victoria Street (junction with Cannon Street). All of them are marked on our one page map. There is more information on the City website including an interactive map and links to the Toilets 4 London app for android or iPhone.