Safety and Security

Practicalities Safety and Security

The Lord Mayor's Show is a huge public event without gates or walls. It is open to everyone, and everyone should feel safe there.

We work closely with the City of London Police and emergency services to ensure our security procedures are up to date. You will see a strong police presence throughout the City and especially along the processional route (as well as in the procession!). The police are there to help you and to keep you safe: please don't be afraid to talk to them.

We also engage with the City of London Police on Project Servator. and continuously focus on delivering safe and secure environments for our events. CCTV operates throughout the City of London to assist in the prevention and detection of crime, to aid public safety, and assist with management of the public highway.

What can you do to help keep everyone safe? 

We remind all visitors that you have an important role to play by reporting anything that doesn't feel right, for example, an unattended item or someone acting suspiciously. If you see anything concerning, please tell a police officer or a marshal of the Show. We will always take your concerns seriously.

Please also cooperate fully with all security checks, and support these vital members of our team as they carry out important work to keep us all safe.

Find out more about #BeSafeBeSound.