Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club

The City of London, past, present and future - always here. The planning for this great event needed a STORY LINE.This was then interpreted for us by Jane Churchill creating a wonderful picture, a section of which is above.  www.lstwc.org.uk

As our own "Pageant" passes by there are a range of things to look out for. Colour!We are LIME Street and CORNhill Ward Club after all. The PastOn the LEFT as we walk forward a Doggett Man (In gorgeous red costumes). Other Doggett Men will be accompanying the Lord Mayor on the Gloriana, earlier in the day.

When these guys were young men they would have been either Watermen (Carrying Passengers) or Lightermen (Cargo) and both have won the Annual Doggett’s Coat and Badge sculling race - the oldest continuous rowing race in the world between London Bridge and Cadogan Pier, Chelsea.. Only the winner is allowed to wear the amazing coat and badge. This race is still run every year.

On both sides "Paddles" saying ”Once upon a time” on one side and Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club.... on the reverse.

These are replicas of a Paddle that is situated inside St Peter’s Cornhill (dated 1710). 

The original was found in the ruins of an old school. No one has been able to give any indication as to its original purpose. DO YOU KNOW ?

NextA young! Richard Whittington, listening to the bells (“turn again Whittington Lord Mayor of London”)and on the other sideA slightly sad, Bowpeep who has lost her sheep! 

A horse drawn omnibus carrying Edwardian passengers. This bus has been totally restored by our Coachman, Tony Drewitt (his 31st Show) 

This will be the first time this Omnibus will have been out since approx 1911. Its original route was from Liverpool Street to Mansion House and beyond.

On either side of the Bus, in pairs other Club Members representing different eras Left Hand side1930’s Toff and Flapper 1940’s Sergeant Home Guard and Red Cross Nurse” (Watch out for the Red Cross Float later on)1960’s Sgt Pepper and Hippy 

Right Hand Side1950’s City Gent and Secretary 1960’s "Trendy, Cool" people  1970's Dancing Queen and Noddy Holder 

The PresentLloyd's of London, Waiter, The Master Glover and his Mistress - was only have been installed on the 7th NovemberCommon Councilman and a friend

Lloyd's of London, Waiter

Cheesegrater (also the nickname for a building in Lime Street) with Cheese being pushed by two Cheesemakers  

The FutureOn either side of the Cheese Grater young students from a totally new City of London Academy (COLA) - Shoreditch Park including 2/3 naughty Mice, attacking the Cheeses!They are a very important part of the pageantWe are all thrilled to have them involved it will be a very special day for them. Please give them a BIG CHEER

Happily ever afterOn the outsides, paddles “Happily Ever after”   

Across the CentreSir Richard Whittington   - been Lord Mayor 4 times

On his arm his Black Cat    - also trying to chase off the mice from time      to time!

A Prosperous and Happy Bowpeep - she found her sheep :)

2 Stockmen and Sheep called EDITH and HETTY (thanks to the Red Cross)  

We hope you enjoyed our story.