For 100 years, PDSA has been providing veterinary treatment to pets in need. 

Amidst the misery of World War I, the cries of thousands of suffering animals went unheard until one determined woman set about changing pet welfare in the UK forever.

Moved by the plight of sick and injured animals in the East End, social worker Maria Dickin CBE wanted to help those who were unable to afford treatment for their four-legged companions. It was 100 years ago this month that, from a cellar in Whitechapel, Maria established the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor (PDSA), providing free treatment to animals belonging to owners in need.

Over the last century, PDSA has grown into the UK’s leading veterinary charity. In that time, its devoted staff have provided 100 million treatments to more than 20 million pets.

The charity is proud to continue Maria’s work today, supporting people who through no fault of their own struggle to pay for vet care for their beloved pets. PDSA makes a huge difference to pet wellbeing, through its commitment to helping prevent illness, educating pet owners and providing veterinary treatment. But they can only continue their vital work with the generous support of the public, as the charity receives no government funding.

If you would like to donate £5 to PDSA today please text PDSA17 £5 to 70070. Your donation will help a pet in need. Thank you. 

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PDSA - 100 Years of Saving Pets & Changing Lives.