The Worshipful Company of Grocers, one of the twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London, traces its history to the year 1180 and the ancient guild of Pepperers. We have been at the centre of the City of London ever since.

Originally, we controlled the structure of trade into and out of London, especially in spices, herbs, medicinal ingredients and other high value goods. The camel trains across the Middle East were a crucial means of transport for our products. The camel remains our Company symbol today. 

We now devote our energies to our charitable, educational, military and other affiliations and engaging with and supporting the Corporation of London and the wider City Civic.

We are proud that 2017 marks the election of another Grocer Lord Mayor, Alderman Charles Bowman. Alderman Bowman is a member of the Court of the Grocers’ Company. This will be our 105th mayoral year since 1215, more than any other Livery Company in the City.

The Grocers’ Company looks forward to supporting Alderman Charles Bowman and wishes him a wonderfully successful year.

Our Float:

Our ‘camel train’ reflects our rich history in creating and maintaining the City’s global trading in spices, luxuries, foodstuffs and much more.

The camel forms part of the Grocers’ Company crest and we are excited to include this year in our procession 4 live camels. We believe that this may be the first time that such a number of camels has been allowed to parade through the City of London and certainly in living memory. Following the camels will be a desert oasis representing a trading post with drummers and that in turn will be followed by a representation of a boat on the high seas. Processing alongside will be students from two of our affiliated schools and dancers in colourful garb with the colours representing various spices including cloves, pepper and star anise.

In support of Alderman Bowman’s objective of re-engagement we have sought to promote inclusion and co-operation amongst our affiliate schools from the private and maintained sectors. Several of our affiliated schools have come together and will do so on 11 November in the Lord Mayor’s Show 2017 itself.

-          In May 2017, the Elms School kindly hosted students from Mossbourne Parkside Academy for a camping weekend in Worcestershire where amidst the fun and games organised they also participated in joint workshops to prepare some of the costumes and decorations for our float and which they have continued to work on since.

-          In the lead-up to the parade students from Oundle School and Mossbourne Community Academy will meet at Grocers’ Hall for a rehearsal and supper in advance of their involvement in dancing and parading in the show.

We are also proud to have two of our military affiliations at the head of our float following the Grocers’ Company Beadle. Representatives of HMS Queen Elizabeth and 7 Rifles G Company will take turns to hold the banner.

We are very grateful to all of our affiliates for their huge help and involvement in the show and for the support of our generous sponsors: Leyton and Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar.