The Headmaster, pupils and staff send their warmest congratulations to the new Lord Mayor, a distinguished Old Uppinghamian

Uppingham is one of the UK’s foremost co-educational independent boarding schools. Originally founded in 1584, our Foundation Charter was granted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1587. The School was raised to its present eminence by the great educationalist, Edward Thring. Thring’s visionary ideas for all-round education are still as relevant and inspirational today and guide Uppingham in providing forward-thinking schooling, with both a national and international outlook, in the 21st Century.

Today, we educate 800 pupils aged 13 to 18; offering state-of-the-art science, music and sports facilities, a strong academic profile and outstanding pastoral care. The cornerstone of Uppingham’s philosophy is that every child is capable of excellence; our job is to identify in which field. Whether a child’s ambitions are academic, sporting, artistic or humanitarian, there are plentiful opportunities for self-fulfilment.

What is it for a child that marks out Uppingham from many first-class schools? Above all, energy and ambition. The genuinely immersive seven-days-a-week boarding experience is increasingly hard to find, but remains at the heart of the successes of Uppingham’s pupils. Provided with a rich and diverse range of choices in a modern environment they flourish, making boarding life busy, varied, challenging and rewarding.

Perhaps most importantly, Uppingham’s community stimulates a deep sense of belonging - what happens at the School has a profound and enriching impression on all. Our pupils are given the space to discover who they are and what they can be, encapsulated with a true sense of social responsibility. They leave aged eighteen, equipped with broad experiences and a contemporary outlook, ready for whatever challenges they will take on across the world.

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About the Float

The idea behind our concept is the way in which London inspires Uppingham pupils to creative, academic and sporting excellence.  Our specially created LMS Samba Band (8 boys, 8 girls) will create a thrilling sound whilst wearing jackets that are paired; one portrays the ‘London Inspiration’ and the other the Uppingham spin-off.  

The themes are: -

Location - pairing of Big Ben and Uppingham School buildings (taken from a painting by David Kirk, renowned artist and Uppingham's Head of History of Art).

Science - pairing of Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin OM FRS FRIC, a British chemist who developed protein crystallography with an image of Uppinghamians in one of our laboratories.

Literature - pairing of Charles Dickens with a copy of a pupil's poem.

Sport - pairing of Mo Farah with a pupil playing hockey.

Art - pairing of a Kandinsky painting (©Tate, London 2017) and a pupil's painting of a polo match.

Drama - pairing of a poster for a West End production of Sweeney Todd with a scene from Uppingham's production of Calamity Jane.**

Music - pairing of an old manuscript with a pupil's composition.

And last, but by no means least, the co-curriculum provision at Uppingham is represented by the pairing of David Bowie with some pictures of the winning band from our Battle of the Bands competition, Street Asylum.

The hats the pupils are wearing (bowler hat with light-bulbs coming out of the top) combine the style of hat that is synonymous with the City of London with the moment one can experience when lighting upon a good idea.  So - 'London' and 'Inspiration'.

The creative force behind our concept, who has worked tirelessly alongside our Director of Music (Stephen Williams) to bring the vision for our costumes to life, is Jess Morgan, an Old Uppinghamian, from JAMSTUDIO.  

* Our thanks to Tate, London for use of the Kandinsky painting on this special day.

** Our thanks to the National Youth Theatre for use of the Sweeney Todd poster.

So all that remains for us to add is that we hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of this tremendous occasion and that our LMS Samba Band gets you in the mood for celebrating this unique event and our magnificent capital city, London.