Royal Yeomanry

The Royal Yeomanry is a Light Cavalry Army Reserve regiment, based in London, Croydon, Windsor, Nottingham, Leicester, Dudley and Telford.

The light cavalry soldier needs to be fit, adaptable and self-reliant, ready to work in small teams to get the job done. Often well in front of other friendly forces gathering intelligence on the enemy and environment, he is master of his equipment, mounted in light armoured vehicles (R-WMIKs). These are armed with the General Purpose Machine Gun, the Browning .50 Heavy Machine Gun, and carry the latest digital battlefield communications systems and surveillance optics, including thermal imaging, to see at night.

Our role is to provide a rapidly-deployable force with fast mobility and substantial firepower. We provide reconnaissance, security and, if the situation demands it, decisive tactical effects by raiding and attacking the enemy.Our reservist soldiers need to be as confident sending a vital radio message while driving cross-country as they are carrying out a covert night patrol or manning an Observation Post, or dismounting and fighting as infantry at close quarters, a mix of activities which few other units can match. We also have positions for a full range of support troops, from chefs and clerks to HGV drivers and bandsmen.

In recent years, Royal Yeomanry soldiers have traveled as far afield as Denmark, Kenya and Kazakhstan on training as well as on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.