With a 250-strong fleet and £40 million turnover, Pimlico Plumbers is London’s leading independent service company. This year is the twelfth consecutive year that they bring their energy to the parade, making them the longest participating London-based family business.

The company will be parading their new and vintage vans with iconic plumbing-related number plates, led by a giant inflatable replica.

You'll also spot Father Christmas, his elves and a huge team of dancers wearing the iconic Pimlico colours. Not forgetting the Pimlico Plumbers team themselves, joined by their families and friends.

It will be difficult to miss them, listen out - their music will be on loud!

Pimlico's vintage vans will be on parade!
Father Christmas will be making an appearance...
...along with his dancing elves...
and the whole team of fantastic dancers from 'Streetz Ahead'
Don't forget to spot the giant inflatable replica PP van!