2017 Procession

The Lord Mayor's Show is a procession of more than 6500 people, 165 horses, 20 bands and 35 carriages. Fully assembled it would measure over three miles long but it never is, as the route from Mansion House to the Royal Courts covers less than two miles.

The procession will set off from Mansion House at 11:03am, after a silent Remembrance. It is led away by the Band of the Coldstream Guards and at a steady marching pace they will take 27 minutes to get to the Royal Courts. The procession that follows is over an hour long, so the City's sanitation department (who always bring up the rear) will reach the courts at around 12.30.

The return leg leaves Temple Avenue at 1.15pm and the tail of the procession arrives back at Mansion House at around 2.45. A detailed timetable is available.

Here is the running order for 2017: