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Making up things which aren't strictly true is one of the defining attribute of our species. More recently, tour guides were invented in 18th Century Japan. Much like the combination of a doctor with some pepper, Unbelievable London fuses these two things to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Reimagining the purpose of existing landmarks, cracking jokes about real ones and exploring some of the unbelievable we all carry around in our heads, this is a tour of the London that might have existed had Monty Python had been elected Queen.

the perfect way to learn less about the capital
The Londonist

Since Bill Shutter is strictly retired, this is the last and only way to experience his remarkable tour. It has been recommended by Time Out as one of the top ten things to do in London, and once was even mentioned in the Easyjet in-flight magazine. Places on the tour are free, but limited and they will all go. Please book using this large friendly link:

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