App privacy policy

The Lord Mayor’s Show app gathers no personal information and does not identify you in any way. It uses your location to help you enjoy and navigate the Show and to help us monitor congestion.

  • Live captioning of the procession. As the floats pass, the app will tell you who’s who.
  • Targeted emergency (and other) messages. If necessary we can send a message to all the app users in a particular area, to send them in a safe direction or just to say that Bank is very full right now, please try another station.
  • On the day of the Show and only within the processional area, the app will report your location at regular intervals. It does this in a completely anonymous way: basically, it says “someone is using the app at these coordinates”. At Guildhall we project a live map onto the wall showing all the app users in the processional area. This gives us a way to visualise the overall density of the crowd and look out for dangerous congestion.

Your app usage

The app includes a standard Google usage-report library (similar to the one used by most websites) so that we can see which functions are most popular and when they are used. It also reports crashes to us if something goes wrong. There is nothing personal or identifying about this information; the app tells us that “someone read the Canaletto page at last”.