The City of London is a maze of stories and secrets, and immediately after the Lord Mayor's Show the expert City Guides will be on hand lead you through some of its labyrinth.

At 3pm on the afternoon of the Show, after the returning procession has finished and the crowd thinned a little, head for No 1 Poultry. That's the big pink and yellow building opposite Mansion House, near Bank tube station. It's marked on the map and in the Show's app.

The City, also known as the Square Mile, is the financial heart of London. It has been central to British history for centuries, and contains historic buildings from many ages. Your guide will take you to fascinating places and tell stories of people and events connected with them, including the Lord Mayor’s Show and its traditions.

Walks will leave from No 1 Poultry (the large pink and yellow building near Mansion House, by Bank underground station) at 3pm and last for about an hour and a half. The pace is gentle and suitable for all ages. The routes will be wheelchair friendly, with no steps and few hills. You will reach Blackfriars by 5pm. There is no need to book; there are several guides and you can just turn up.

The walks are free, but a donation to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal is invited.