The Lord Mayor Elect

For very old reasons, the City of London elects a new Lord Mayor every year. The Lord Mayor must have served as a Sheriff of the City, and since 1435 it has been the rule that he or she must be chosen from among the Aldermen.

The election happens at Michaelmas, which as all know is the 29th of September. The chosen candidate is known as the 'Lord Mayor Elect' until the day before the Lord Mayor's Show, when he or she is sworn into office in the Silent Ceremony. The Show then finishes the job by carrying the new Lord Mayor to Westminster to swear loyalty to the Crown.

The 692nd Lord Mayor of London will be Alderman William Russell of the Bread Street ward. He has been working in the City for over 30 years in national and international banking and is a dedicated educational entrepreneur, the past chair and co-founder of the Knightsbridge School and its international arm KSI. He is on the board of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and of the Barbican and has served as governor at several schools in addition to his work on the City's committees.

The duty of the Lord Mayor, both traditionally and in the modern world, is to promote and represent the City of London. Whatever the outcome of the current political storm, Alderman Russell will be presenting the City and the whole country to the world as a leader in trade, financial technology, innovation in areas like cybersecurity and green finance, and in culture, which he sees as vitally important to society.

Alderman Russell is very active in social and charitable causes and has a particular dedication to prison and educational charities. He sees great hope in the convening power of the Lord Mayor's office, which he will use to bring people together to create new possibilities for London.

I am a networker by nature and, when I become Lord Mayor, I will see my role as enabling good people to do good work together. I have always had a keen sense of social duty and responsibility. Twelve months is not a long time so I will work hard, giving my very best efforts to make a lasting difference to the City I love.
Alderman William Russell, speaking after his election

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