The 803rd Lord Mayor Show marks the second year of participation by the Overseas Taiwanese community. The float is supported by Taipei Representative Office, the two Taiwanese National Airline carriers (EVA Airlines and China Airlines), OursTravel the best Taiwanese travel agent in the UK, Taiwan Trade Centre and other Taiwanese businesses in the UK.

Taiwan is known as “Formosa” the beautiful island; it is located in the Pacific Ocean to the east of China and south west of Japan on the Tropic of Cancer. Despite being a small country it is packed with rich culture, fantastic landscapes with breathe taking views, abundant terrestrial and marine wildlife, delicious food and friendly people.

Taiwan’s deep aboriginal roots are the source of many traditional folk customs, which can still be experienced today. Given Taiwan’s past there is a great influence from both Japanese and Chinese culture that is present in everyday life. In recent decades new immigrants from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines have brought their own religions and home cuisines into this openhearted island. The diversity and hospitality of its people is what makes Taiwan such a vibrant place.

There is a lot to love about Taiwanese food. Taiwan is the birthplace of Bubble Tea; it is now available in London at 4 different shops Tea4, Chatime, Coco and Yi-Fang. One can try the world famous spicy beef noodles in Old-Tree and Han-Dian, Three Cup Chicken in Ho-Ja and chicken popcorn in Jia-Ba. Plus please don’t miss out on the finger licking pork belly steamed buns at BAO!

Taiwan has one of the highest densities of tall mountains in the world. Approximately 9% of the total land area has been designated as national parks, which makes it a great place for hiking. Combined with a tropical climate, Taiwan is home to a wide variety of animal and plant life. Taiwan’s terrestrial species account for 2.5% of the world's total, a rate of endemism 100 times the global average. Taiwan also has a very rich marine ecology, the waters around Taiwan host about 1/10 of the world’s marine species, which is 400 times the average number for other coastal countries. As a result Taiwan is a superb place to visit for bird watching and scuba diving.

In 2012 the Economic Development Committee approved a 1.2 billion Taiwanese Dollar investment package to build Taiwan's "national cycling road", the bicycle lanes from the north, middle, south and east connected to the existing sea and hill lines. The completeness and popularity of Taiwan's bicycle lanes is one of the reasons why Lonely Planet Travel Magazine selected Taiwan as the best tourist country in 2012.

With our National carriers EVA Airlines and China Airlines we offer the quickest and most direct route to explore Taiwan the “Heart of Asia”, let’s travel in style. Explore this unspoilt island first hand; OursTravel will make sure your dream holiday becomes a reality packed with laughter and unforgettable memories!