107Royal College of Physicians

The Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP) first ever entry to the Lord Mayor’s Show celebrates the role of doctors during the course of the College’s 500-year history as we celebrate our 500th anniversary.

From the time of Henry VIII onwards, the RCP has been responsible for improving the standards of patient care throughout the UK. From when the first Royal Charter was signed in 1518, we have been at the forefront of medical education, supporting our clinicians throughout their working lives and influencing policy that impacts on the standard of care throughout the National Health Service. The RCP represents over 34,000 doctors across the globe, and this year is the organisation’s landmark 500th anniversary.

The theme for our entry is “Physicians and Medicine through the Ages”, with snapshots of physicians and medical innovations throughout our 500-year history which highlight the forward-looking and progressive nature of our organisation and our influence on the practice of medicine. It will bring together a celebration of our rich history and demonstrate how our College is a diverse and inclusive organisation with our core mission to improve health and healthcare through advocacy, education and research. Founded by Royal Charter in 1518 and based in the City until 1825, we are an independent patient centred and clinically led organisation that drives improvement in the care of patients and the health of the whole population.