11Worshipful Company of International Bankers

The Worshipful Company of International Bankers (WCIB) is Alderman Peter Estlin’s Mother Livery Company.

Peter was Master of the Company for the past year until October and he is now being elevated to Lord Mayor. (The current Master is Mark Sismey-Durrant who was installed as Master on 3rd October at Drapers Hall)

It’s the first time they have been a Lord Mayor’s Mother Livery Company, but two previous Lord Mayors have been liverymen for the International Bankers (Sir Roger Gifford and Sir Alan Yarrow). Not bad for a Livery Company that is only in its eighteenth year.

The float:

The float is celebrating the ingenuity and diversity of the City. It features a head with a stream of conscious thoughts representing the innovation and creativity of the City; it has a revolving device representing the joining of hands across the World – the WCIB is the only Company to have International in its title and this also represents the diversity of the City; It then has the helping hands of the WCIB for young and aspiring people from diverse social, gender and ethnic backgrounds. The Company particularly seeks to raise aspirations in disadvantaged young people and raise standards of financial literacy.

A tickertape will highlight the Lord Mayor’s theme of “shaping tomorrow’s city today”, but also the Lord George Principles of the International Bankers of honesty, integrity, fairness, skill, expertise and diversity.

These will also be highlighted in the suffragette style banners carried by the 50 or so walkers accompanying the float. Some of these walkers are members of the Livery, but up to 20 will be students from inner London schools who have participated in an essay-writing competition run across state schools in inner London Boroughs.

The Company works with many schools located in sight of the City, to try to break down myths and misconceptions about the City as an exclusive environment and encourage students from all backgrounds who may not have considered a career in the City that it could be for them.

The Company has also been a long term supporter of the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme, supporting bright students from around the world to come to the UK to study and often pursue careers in financial services

The float has been created by Emergency Exit Arts, a not-for-profit group of artists who specialise in building floats.


The Worshipful Company of International Bankers combines the traditions of the City Livery Companies with a modern outlook.  Check out our website

It is a young Livery, founded in 2001 as a Guild, fully constituted in 2004 and gained its Royal Charter in 2007.

The Company has around 650 members and is unusual among the Liveries in that they have an international membership, with 43 nations represented.

The WCIB has Charity, Education, Fellowship and Promoting the Profession as its Aims

In addition to its work with Schools, the WCIB has links with around 20 Universities and Business Schools and it provides mentors and financial support for the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

The WCIB works with a number of Charities focussed particularly on its financial literacy and raising aspirations agenda – The Brokerage and MyBnK being two in particular that it has worked with over many years.