62Worshipful Company of Salters

This year, The Salters' Company (one of the Great 12 City of London Livery Companies) is celebrating 100 years of The Salters’ Institute, its flagship charity. The Institute was founded in 1918, when the UK desperately needed chemists to help rebuild industry, support business and drive the return to prosperity following WW1. In its centenary year, the Institute’s aims remain clear: to engage young people in learning about chemistry and to encourage chemistry and science based careers. 

In celebration of the centenary, we are expanding our flagship Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry programme, enabling more schools, more teachers and more young people to benefit; developing a new programme for London primary schools to inspire and engage children in chemistry as part of their everyday lives; developing the unsung heroes of classroom chemistry, science technicians, by enabling the sharing of best practice and the development of new ideas via Salters’ Technician Networks; and bringing our much loved Chemistry Club resources up to date, so that they provide the modern, context-based learning approach that Salters’ is renowned for.

Our target of £350,000 will transform the work of the Institute over the next three years.

(This image above is of some of the beakers on our float, before they have been painted!)  The last time The Salters' Company had a float in the procession was in 1997, when one of our Past Masters, Sir Richard Nichols, was Lord Mayor, so we are very excited to be participating again.

Update: the beakers have been painted!

And here are some of the messages displayed on our float: