The Automobile Association

The AA has been a proud participant in the Lord Mayors Show for over 20 years. This year, our procession will feature a new three-tonne flatbed recovery vehicle sporting the unique licence plate ‘AA3’. On the back of AA3 will be a sight to delight sci-fi fans; a life-size replica of the ‘Red Dwarf’ Starbug, as seen in our latest advert. Driving alongside AA3 with be two iconic members of the AA heritage fleet; the vintage BSA motorbike and sidecar combination of yesteryear and the rare but popular early 1960s Mini-van. Around 30 AA staff will be walking in the parade including our Patrol of the Year, Recovery Patrol of the Year and our service medal winners.

It’s a celebration of our heritage, but also a display of the theme in our new advert - the future of breakdown.

BSA motorcycle combinations were the mainstay of the AA's breakdown fleet in the 1950s. During the ‘60s, the need to carry more equipment (not to mention the desire of AA patrols to keep out of the weather) meant that the motorcycle combination was gradually replaced by the Mini-van, which we began using in 1962. by 1965 they were the standard issue patrol vehicle. This year the Mini celebrated its 60th anniversary and if the Mini saloon could be said to have revolutionised the family car market when it arrived in 1959, the van – launched in 1960 – eventually did the same for the AA. Minis were used in their thousands until the early 1970s, but genuine ex-AA Minivans are now extremely rare.