Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London

London Freemasons have always given their time and donations to Charities in London and beyond. Our big appeal this year is to buy 2 Super Ariel Platform fire engines for the London Fire Brigade. We are going to raise £2.5 million pounds for their purchase. These appliances, the tallest in Europe, reach 64 meters into the air and will deliver water even higher, they will help the LFB to save lives in London.

Hospital A&E departments told us that young children needing treatment arrive in a state of high anxiety. We took up the challenge to help and nurses can now give each child a teddy bear on arrival to ease their fears. We have distributed over 1 million teddy bears to date.

Walking alongside the London Freemasons are representatives from just a few of the many charities that have been in receipt of support or donations during the past year such as the Scouts, Lifelites, Suited & Booted, Pursuing Independent Paths, Music in Hospitals, Dementia Club UK, The League of Remembrance and Share. Click the names to find out more.

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