2023 VeraCity

VeraCity is a free-to-access ‘Pathfinder’ information and navigation portal for the City of London.

Those who live in, work in, or visit the City can point a smartphone at a City landmark and immediately learn more about it, adding to their understanding of both the history and working of the City.

Sponsored by the 695 Lord Mayor of London, Professor Michael Mainelli, it underpins his theme of ‘The Knowledge Mile - Connecting to Prosper’, it contains information about City places and spaces, people and communities, as well as initiatives that will sustain and build the future City.


VeraCity has been built using volunteer talent drawn from the City Livery Companies, led by WCIT, the Livery Company for the Tech sector and is accessed either directly through or through the City of London website. It uses content from Wikipedia and links to other relevant sources such as the London Metropolitan Archive and the Museum of London.